How to Change Brand Name on Amazon? 

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The brand name is a unique identity that every Amazon seller intends to accomplish. As we know Brand Identity offers several benefits on the Amazon platform, however, some circumstances urge Brands to change their brand name & establish a unique identity.  

If you are wondering, How you can successfully change the brand name then read on and we will discuss how to change the brand name. 

How to Change Brand Name on Amazon?

I have tried different options such as inventory file update but it did not work for me. I contacted Amazon support to change the brand name and that worked for me.

Short Answer:

The seller needs to contact Amazon customer support and request the brand name change.

Click on “Help” > Type brand name change in “Search Help field” then click on search > A panel will appear on the right side that will ask you to choose “issues related to the brand name” > Choose “Rebrand your Brand name” then click next > Enter suggested brand name and ASIN and follow the process.

Amazon will ask you provide some evidence from which they can validate the brand name and ASIN and after verification, the brand name will be changed.

How to Request Amazon to Change Brand Name?

  • Login to seller central 
  • Click on “Help” on the top right side. 
  • Click on “Get Support”
  • Click on “Selling on Amazon”
  • Click on “Product Listings or inventory” & then select Fix a Product Page. 
  • Open a case with amazon while mentioning a new brand name and ASINs

After you have submitted the Brand name change request, you will receive the following response from Amazon. 

Amazon requires you to submit the following to process your request. 

  • Seller’s Official Website URL 
  • Manufacturer’s Catalog of all products  
  • High-Resolution Pictures of the Product that shows the brand name and product identifier 
  • High-resolution pictures of product packaging that show the brand name and product identifier 

Seller’s Official Website URL: 

The majority of sellers sell products from different online channels such as Websites, social media platforms, etc. If the seller has an official website to sell products or for brand awareness. He must have changed the brand name on there as well. 

Amazon team needs to make sure that the change you are requesting is aligned with your website. 

Manufacturer’s Catalog of all products: 

A product catalog can be provided to Amazon so that the team can verify from the catalog that Brand Name has been modified & it reflects on your catalog as well. 

High-Resolution Pictures of the Product that shows the brand name and product identifier: 

Amazon requires high resolutions product images that clearly show the specifics that you wish to change on Amazon. In this case, your product image should mention the new brand name and product identifier (UPC, EAN, ISBN). 

Amazon team will verify the brand name on images and check that it is aligned as per your request.  

High-resolution pictures of product packaging that show the brand name and product identifier: 

Product packaging is used by the team to ensure that the new Brand Name is on the packaging along with product identifiers such as UPC.

The purpose of all the above options is to verify your request. The seller needs to provide at least 1 of the above 4 requirements.  

After receiving one of the above requirements Amazon team will start processing your request.  

How Long Does the Brand Name Change Process Take? 

If a Brand successfully provides all required documents i.e visible pictures of Products, Product identifiers (UPC, EAN, ISBN) that belong to a new Brand name then it would take around 7 working days to resolve the Brand name request.  

Why is it necessary to change the brand name on Amazon? 

There are several reasons to change the brand name of a company and some of those reasons are listed below but these are not limited,  

  • The company might have noticed that its existing brand name doesn’t reflect its core values & brand size globally.  
  • The company must have launched a new catalog to its portfolio, that doesn’t reflect its current brand name therefore the company needs a new brand name for the new category. Changing the brand name is highly recommended on this ground. 
  • The company initially decided to go with the founder’s name however later found out that it doesn’t blend with the portfolio it is selling so this might be another good reason for a change. 

There are various other reasons which can also be considered for a change in Brand Name. 


I have observed sellers panicking when trying to change the brand name or product title on Amazon.

These processes take time but when you follow the correct process and provide all information to the support team then all these issues get resolved easily.

If you would have any other queries related to “brand name change” then please let us know by commenting below.

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