5 Amazon Product Research Tools to Use

5 Amazon Product Research Tools to Use

Are you thinking about starting an Amazon FBA business but confused about the products to sell?

This article is for entrepreneurs just like you who are beginners. Here, you will learn about the best Amazon product research tools to find the best products.

The first step to launch a successful business is to select a product that has less competition and more demand. There are billions of products available for sell on Amazon, but you cannot begin selling

any random product without analyzing the in-depth data.

For analysis, you need best tools that can keep track of data like highly ranked keywords, sales, inventory, competitor activity, and so forth.

After doing extensive research, we gathered as much information as we could about the top 5 Amazon product research tools. You will understand the differences between each tool after reading this article and be able to pick the one that is best for your business.

Let’s explore them more!

1) Helium10-(The king of all)

Helium is considered as the king of tools because it gives you access to 450+ million amazon products stored in its product database.It is a tried-and-tested set of useful features including blackbox, xray and trendster.

From all other tools I have used for product research, helium provides extremely relevant stats that i would have got through manual research.

Since then, I have switched to using helium10 because it saves my time.


The helium10 product research features help sellers to find the winning product to sell on Amazon. Let’s have a look on each feature;

a) Black Box

Blackbox is the ultimate product research tool because it allows you to apply advanced filters and find the products of your choice. These filters include sales volume, product weight, reviews and ratings, projected sales and trends, and many more.

You just have to put the data in accordance with the criteria you follow when researching products. Once done, it will show you a list of products that match your criteria.

b)  Xray

Helium10’s Google Chrome plugin called “Xray” is utilized for product validation. To begin, open a product on Amazon and click the X-ray logo pinned to the top of the page. The stats will be tracked through the database and displayed on the window where you can review them and decide whether to buy the item or not.

c) Trendster

With Trendster, you may analyse market trends, pricing vs. sales changes over time, and seasonal demand for a product.

Pricing plans

Helium 10 has four pricing packages:

Starter plan: $39/month

Platinum plan: $99/month

Diamond plan: $249/month

Elite plan: $399/month

2) Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is your only solution if you want to buy a single tool that helps with everything from product research to product launch. You can use it to identify the correct sales-boosting keywords as well as high demand products in the long list of Amazon products.


a) Opportunity Finder

It helps you to find high demand and low competition keywords that can discover promising product niches. Turn a keyword into a market segment, and see in-depth data on sales performance, emerging trends, and competitive insights.

b)  Product Database

Jungle scout’s Product Database contains 475 million products that can be narrowed down using powerful filters based on your chosen criteria. This will rapidly reveal your favourites.

c) Product Tracker

In order to reduce the risk of seasonality, this will track sales and trends of a product using filters like best seller rank, reviews, ratings, opportunity score, sales, and many more.

d) JS Extension

The chrome extension for Jungle Scout works like Helium10; after running it on the desired product, you get all the stats. It allows you to analyze your competitors, validate product ideas, and request feedback from customers with just one click.

*You can find alot of other features, resources, blog, training lessons and webinars on the Jungle Scout website to help you increase sales and succeed with Amazon.

Pricing plans

Jungle Scout offers three pricing packages:

Basic Plan: $29/ month

Suite Plan: $49/ month

Professional Plan: $84/ month

3) Keepa

Keepa is a fantastic, simple-to-use tool for researching Amazon products. It provides pricing history charts, price drop and availability alerts, international Amazon prices, and daily deals. It also

provides keepa chrome extension like JS and Helium10. This tool is mostly used by wholesalers and has a number of features, some of which are free and others are paid.


a) Pricing History Chart:

Using keepa, you can look up extensive price history statistics for more than 3 billion Amazon products, allowing you to determine whether a product’s price is higher or lower than normal.

b)  Price Drop & Availability Alerts

You can set a price for a product and Amazon will track it for you. It will then alert you when the price drops below your set threshold. Additionally, it will notify you when the products become available.

c) International Amazon Price

Keepa assists you in comparing the prices of Amazon products that are included in their whole database.

d)  Daily Deals

Keep an eye out for the most recent price reductions in the demanding categories to discover great deals for you every day.

e) Keepa chrome extension

This helpful feature enables you to rapidly stay up to date on pricing history. It works with popular browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera.

f) API

The best feature of Keepa is its API which allows you to see buybox rotation history, review Count, price, best seller rankings,new and used product’s data, category information and many more..

*Keepa also supports a wide range of domain extensions, including.com,.co.uk,.de,.co.jp,.fr,.ca,.it,.es,.in,.com.mx,.com.br, and.com.au.

Pricing plans

Keepa has 3 pricing packages:

Free: $0 (limited features)

Basic: $99/month

Standard: $199/month

4) Viral Launch

Viral launch is the essential Amazon FBA tool that reduces your burden and aids Amazon brands in their product research.You can get from the following features of Viral Launch:

a) Product discovery

You can filter and narrow down products and undiscovered markets with this feature.

Plus, you can use filters according to your preferred criteria to identify the most profitable ones.

b)  Market Intelligence

With Market Intelligence, you can perform in-depth market analysis, calculate all costs and the profit per product, and validate product ideas using a basic 5-star validation carried out by the sophisticated algorithm of Viral Launch.

c) Competitive Intelligence

Thanks to the competitive intelligence, a reverse ASIN feature that helps to track the best-selling products while browsing for future products.

Pricing plans

Viral launch has three pricing plans;

Essential: $69/month

Pro: $99/month

Pro Plus Ads: $199/month

5) AMZ Scout

AMZ Scout assists brands in expanding their Amazon businesses by exploring niche markets and finding the ideal products.

It has the following features;

a) Product Database

This lets sellers discover high potential products among the 6600 million Amazon products on 10 different Amazon marketplaces. You can customize your search results by using 16 filters according to your criteria.

b)  AMZ Scout Extension

Use the renowned PRO Extension to identify and compare products with the greatest profit potential and assess the competition.

*Gain access to Google trend data analytics, details on fees regarding FBA fees, product sales estimations, level of listed products, and more.

Pricing plans:

AMZ Scout has two pricing packages; Pro Extension: $45.99/mo

Amazon Seller’s Bundle: $172.88/mo

Now, purchase your favorite tool and start happy hunting!

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