Currently Unavailable Amazon How to Fix?

currently unavailable on amazon

It is a very frustrating problem for Amazon sellers when their listing is active but buyers see it as currently unavailable. We will discuss the “Listing Currently Unavailable” issue in detail and guide you on how to fix this issue.

What Does Currently Unavailable Mean Amazon?

“Currently Unavailable” status on Amazon means that the listing items are not unavailable for an order temporarily.

From the seller’s perspective, this issue makes you lose out on sales from potential customers as when they come to your listing it says “currently unavailable” and the option to buy is disabled. This way you lose sales and your competitor gains your customer in turn.

First, we have to understand when this issue arises which causes the sellers to lose potential sales.

When Does Currently Unavailable Show on Amazon?

We know that the “Currently Unavailable” status disables the buying option to the buyer and causes the seller to lose potential sales. We have mentioned the following reasons why and when this status appears on the listing.

Out of Stock

Out of Stock is self-explanatory and it does not require a thorough explanation.  When the items are out of stock and the listing is active then buyers can see the listing but can not order as the seller has not got the items in stock.

When the listing is out of stock buyer will see the unavailable status.

Quantity and Price have not been Entered

This happens on FBM listings where the seller has the option to fulfill deliveries to customers. Amazon FBM sellers need to make sure that they have entered the available quantity and price at the back end of seller central otherwise Amazon algorithm will read it as out of stock and your potential buyers will see “currently unavailable” status on your listing.

The seller needs to enter the quantity and prices for the listing and for that,

  • You need to log in to your Amazon Seller Central
  • Click on the top left 3 horizontal lines which will open the menu bar
  • Hover on Inventory and click on “Manage Inventory”
  • Look for your listing for which you need to input quantity and price
  • Click on edit
  • A new page will open you need to click on the offer tab and input quantity and price for your item.

The Vacation Setting is Enabled

This is also for FBM sellers where sellers are required to fulfill orders and when they are going on vacation and there is nobody to take the responsibility to fulfill their Amazon orders then they can opt to enable vacation mode so there will be no impact on ODR.

If the vacation setting is enabled then all your customers will see the unavailable status and cannot order the item if you have enabled that by mistake then you should turn it off immediately.

  • Log in to your Amazon Seller Central
  • Click on the top right setting icon
  • Click on Account info
  • You will need to find the Listing status on this page where you can choose to enable and disable “going on a vacation” mode.
  • Disable it if it is enabled

Wrong Postal Code

Amazon detects your location automatically if you have your location enabled on your mobile or desktop however when location is disabled then Amazon will not be able to detect your location.

For example, if you have your listing in Amazon USA and you have entered a UK postcode or you are using a VPN then you will see a “currently unavailable” status on your listing. You just need to change the postal code and then the unavailable status will be gone.

FC Transfer and FC Processing

Normally buyers can still have the option to buy even if the seller’s stock is in FC transfer and FC processing inventory status and there will not be an unavailable status on your listing however sometimes buyers see unavailable status on your listing.

In this situation, you can not do much as an FC transfer, FC processing is one of the Amazon processes to transfer or process a seller’s stock. In this process normally items are available for sale but buyers will see a future date of shipment. Rarely unavailable status on the listing is shown in this condition.

How Do I Find Currently Unavailable Items on Amazon?

If you wish to find currently unavailable items on Amazon then you will need to go to an Amazon search page and search for a specific item that you wish to buy and then you will need to look for “include out of stock” at the left-hand panel and enable it.  

Now, you will be able to see all the listings even without the stock. You will see currently unavailable status at the bottom of the product image and you cannot see the price of the product.

Does Currently Unavailable Mean Blocked?

There is a misconception among buyers that when Amazon says “Currently Unavailable” then it means they are blocked by Amazon from purchasing products. Let us inform you that this status does not mean that you are blocked.

From the seller’s perspective, it also does not mean that your seller account is blocked as when Amazon blocks or suspends your selling rights then it deactivates your listing and is not visible on the search page.

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