How to Make Money on Amazon?

how to make money on Amazon

With 310 million trusting customers worldwide Amazon stands out as World’s biggest digital e-commerce marketplace offering lucrative business to sellers and maintaining standards until today. Beating the rest, growing, and thriving with even more potential all over the digital space.

According to statistics, Amazon generated net sales of approximately 121.2 billion U.S dollars during the second quarter of 2022, surpassing the 113 billion U.S. dollars in the same quarter of 2021.

Amazon brings opportunities for being successful with flexibility in working hours and carelessness from any fixed location offering primary and supplement income sources. Be part of this dominating e-commerce network, train, motivate and step up to be your boss. 

Amazon is worth making money whether you are trying your luck as an entrepreneur, selling something, having skills to offer, or being good at creating or sharing resources.

How much do Amazon sellers make?

The average monthly income most of the Amazon sellers are making is $1000 while super-sellers getting themselves up to $100,000 per month in sales. Around 64% of Amazon sellers made a profit in the first year of their selling.

The elevated point of Amazon is basic fees for start-up and acceptable expenses that simplifies for the sellers to get adjusted. Sellers choose a product, get it to Amazon’s warehouses, set up your Amazon listing, and Amazon takes care of the rest while you start seeing sales and profits.

Ways To Make Money on Amazon 

1. Be a Wholesale Seller

Do you have a huge investment amount and are looking for profit making? Be part of the most competitive business model of Amazon; wholesale. Comprehensive research of the products is required before getting into the business. Wholesale sellers buy bulk products at discount and offer them at lower possible rates at Amazon with the battle with other competitors and secure profits.

It is important to examine during research that the product is not available at amazon already under private label or Amazon sales in general.


  • Huge investment rates.
  • High competition, have to offer and maintain bottom line selling rates.


  • Large profits if you have your warehouse for product storage.
  • Shipments profits
  •  Get profit money at bulk purchases


Their competency in business shall determine their profit making. A good wholesale seller makes around 5,000 a month.

2. Amazon private label

Amazon’s private label is the most prominent business model making 67% of all the sellers at Amazon pertain to ordering a unique product of your choice from the manufacturer and labeling it with your brand name and logo.

The process is rebranding and promoting by writing compelling product descriptions, taking amazing product pictures, and setting up prices to sell on Amazon. Detailed post-research for success in this business is necessary.

Seller Central at Amazon helps in managing the seller account of these new brand owners. Great pathway for Entrepreneurs to make their profits by running brands through private labels.


  • It is Always risky to rebrand. Lose your money if you fail to establish a successful brand.  
  • A tough battle has to be conquered to make a mark among your competitors.


  • Unrestricted to follow your business strategy and pricing of the products.
  • Make a sufficient profit once your product gets popular and wins customer trust. 


56% of private-label sellers make more than $5,000 on monthly sales.

20% of the experienced in the industry take it up to $10,000 in lifetime profit.[h1] 

3. Retail Arbitrage

Do you have much knowledge about the local dealings? Gird up your loin to use it in retail arbitrage on Amazon as 19% of Amazon sellers do.

Look out for items at local retail shops or big box sellers such as Walmart, Marshalls, Ross, or Burlington at discounted or reasonable prices. Sell them at the original or slightly higher price at Amazon making a quick decent profit. The reason people are ready to pay a bit more is their trust in the platform and the ease offered. Hard work is the key requirement of this simplest business model. 

Take advantage of clearance deals and coupons for extra profit.

Amazon FBA Revenue Calculator helps to measure if the item is worth selling on amazon.


  • Require good knowledge of local deals.
  • Least lucrative. 


  • Little initial investment is needed.
  • No requirement for any particular skill. Just buying and selling.
  • Quick profit.


Get profit per product sale. 

You can make $100,000 a year with

4. Drop shipping

Drop shipping is a business model that offers a passive income source where Entrepreneurs outsource handling, storing, packaging, and shipping of the products to a third party; supplier, or manufacturer.

All you have to do is to showcase and promote products on Amazon store.

The seller obtains the responsibility for taking orders from customers and forward them to the manufacturers. You are qualified for the drop shipping as long as you stick to the requirements of Amazon policy.

Suppliers take the rest of the physical task of shipping the product.


  • Ensuring better product quality is out of your hands.
  •  A lower investment rate for the business makes it easier to join and more competitive to succeed, leading to a large failure rate.
  • Conquer the overwhelming competition with brilliant planning for your niche.


  • Enjoy freedom without much to handle.
  • Operate from any location.
  • Low investments.


Your mastery and skill in drop shipping will determine your income. You might fail or might end up making a huge sum of money.

5. Amazon Handmade

Are you obsessed with showing your artistic skills in making items? Amazon handmade would turn this artwork into a revenue source for you.

Sell your handmade handbags, jewelry, clothes, decorative items, and much more on Amazon handmade. Prices of the handmade are dependent upon their quality and excellence. Amazon handmade gives you a custom URL with a subscription; making it easier to locate you. Just make your best selling just by paying a 15% referral [h2] fee on the total sales price.


  • Your work needs to win the trust and beat many in the industry.
  • Need to maintain the standard for customers holds the authority to return the goods. 


  • no fee payments until making any sales
  • No monthly payment for Amazon handmade, unlike other professional selling accounts that pay $30.99[h3] .
  • Can make limitless profits.


As long as you have large trusting customers your potential income may get limitless. However, 63% of handmade sellers make more than up to $1,000 per month.

6. Amazon Virtual assistant

Work from home, dream of many fulfilled through becoming a virtual assistant, the freelance job offered by successful Amazon sellers to maintain consistency and quality work in their business. Virtual assistants are independent freelancers assisting the sales owners in running Amazon business from a distance. Stepping up their owners, they are proficient to manage multiple tasks; that vary depending on the requirements of the seller and preferences of the virtual assistant. Report the tasks to the owners after the completion. 

Virtual assistants are skilled at dealing with, researching, and analyzing markets. They suggest new concepts and create a captivating product listing on Amazon. Up work or Fiverr is the platform one can use to find himself a virtual assistant.


  • Continuous Hustle of finding clients even being an expert.
  • Connectivity issues are de-motivation. 
  • Distractions are a single step away 
  • No regular interactions.


  • Work from anywhere; supreme relief is offered for virtual assistants.
  • Propose rates and services of their choice. Travel anywhere without bounding yourself about work.


Depending on the efficiency, skill, and experience of one, however, $14.98/hour is average salary of Amazon virtual assistant in the United States.

7. Affiliate Marketing

Are you recognized on online platforms and have a huge audience? Affiliate marketing is indeed your cup of tea. This is the straightforward strategy for passive money making 

Much easier to get into this

a straightforward way of making passive income.

This grand money-making program in Amazon involves suggesting to your audience products of their interest on Amazon through an affiliate link. Each purchase through that link would get you 4-10% of the product price.


  • Successful Amazon affiliate requires a huge online profile, audience


  • Do not have to make any sales by yourself.
  • Easy money. Easy to get started and maintain.


People are estimated to make $100-$20,000 a month. Your profit is not determined by how many clicks the affiliate link got but by how many purchases are made through it. 

8. Amazon Merch

Do you see yourself as a profound designer? Making way to Amazon Merch would be best for your creativity. Look out for the cultural trends and learn basic software design and go make a mark with your skill. 

Shift your designs on T-shirts, caps, hoodies, etc. Upload them with the price, color, and description, and get paid for your part from Amazon.


  • Your income is undetermined.


  • Free to upload and sell your designed products.
  • Your tasks end with designing and uploading.
  • Amazon takes responsibility for shipping, packaging, printing, and customer support.
  • No payment for uploading designs.


Receives royalties at sales.

9.  Amazon Mechanical Turk

One of the Easiest tasks on Amazon is offered at Amazon Mechanical Turk without any huge responsibility or distraction in work. Human-intelligence tasks are taken from the Turks that may include market research surveys, categorization of the products, validating content, audio transcriptions, and more. Handily carry out responsibilities without feeling loaded and sort out the best images and descriptions for the display of the product.


  • Least wages.


  • Easy money and fun tasks.
  • No involvement in selling or customer dealings


Wages for the Turks vary with the tasks performed. $1-$10/hour is the standard income.

10. Kindle direct publishing

Do you consider yourself a brilliant writer but can not find a way to show it? No need to be dead tired finding a publisher for your work. Kindle public publishing willpublish your work and let others appreciate your talent. Kindle Direct publishing not only accepts digital copies of your work but also prints your work in hard copies.

Stay steady, produce quality content and let your work reach to almost every corner of the world. Remember that You have to promote yourself by making your work compelling enough to get the attention of the audience.


  • Have all the responsibility of sales.


  • No investment.
  • Promise good fortune for creative and consistent writers. 
  • Get 70% royalties at over all sales.


Make around $1.90 per sale. Average $1,140 per month.

Can you take Amazon as a full-time career?

Many starts selling on Amazon as a side hustle for making some additional money in their spare time. This is also possible that the business suits you well and you can meet your goal before your expectation but also make achievements and end up making it your primary income source. Many make it a passive income source using their influence over online platforms.

A lot succeed and many lose however all that makes it worth it is your performance, capability, and dedication to work. Do your research, find what suits your interest, turn your planning into action under the guidance of a senior, keep researching and planning strategies, and grow and achieve. Know that you are connecting to the audience that already trusts the marketplace you are a part of, so the question of the credit does not originate here

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