Maximize Your Sales with Amazon Bundle Listings: A Step-by-Step Guide

Maximize Your Sales with Amazon Bundle Listings: A Step-by-Step Guide

You may have seen multiple products from different categories in one listing on Amazon and you may wonder if you can create a bundle listing on Amazon or not. We will discuss the Amazon bundle listing in this post and let you know if you can do this on your Amazon account or not.

Before initiating to get into further details, let us tell you the basics about Amazon bundles and if they are beneficial for Amazon sellers or not.

Is Bundle Listing on Amazon Beneficial for Seller?

There are various benefits to creating a bundle of multiple products on Amazon if they complement each other but we will dig deep into all the benefits later.

Bundle listings on Amazon can be great for sellers as they allow sellers to offer multiple products together at a discounted price, which can increase the perceived value of the products and attract more buyers.

Bundle listings can also help sellers stand out from competitors and increase their visibility on Amazon’s platform. Additionally, bundle listings can lead to increased sales and may gain higher profit margins for sellers, making them a valuable tool for boosting business on Amazon.

What Is a bundle listing on Amazon?

A bundle listing combines multiple products in a single listing and that listing has a unique ASIN and UPC.

Amazon sellers need to combine different products to form a new bundled product. This approach enables sellers to provide buyers with a new product that combines the best features of various products.

By grouping complementary or related products, sellers can create a more appealing offer to potential buyers than if the products were sold individually. The success of bundled products is largely dependent on how well they are designed. A well-designed product bundle can provide convenience and value to buyers.

Some examples of bundle listings are shown below,

How to Create a Bundle Listing on Amazon

To create a bundle listing Amazon sellers need to make sure and understand if the products that they are planning to make a bundle of may go together or not. Sellers need to follow the below process,

  • Identify the products you want to bundle together: Choose products that complement each other or are related in some way. For example, if you’re selling a camera, you might bundle it with a camera bag and a memory card.
  • When you have selected the products you wish to bundle then you need to get a unique UPC for your new bundle listing to identify the whole bundle.
  • Create a new product listing: Go to your Amazon seller account and click on the “Add a Product” button. Choose “Create a new product”.
  • Fill out the product details: Enter the product title, description, and keywords for the bundle. You’ll also need to upload product images.
  • Enter the bundle details: Specify the products included in the bundle, the quantity of each product, and the total price of the bundle.
  • Determine the price of the bundle: Calculate the total cost of the products in the bundle and determine a fair price for the bundle. You want to offer a discount compared to the individual prices of the products to incentivize customers to purchase the bundle.
  • Submit the listing for approval: Review the details of your bundle listing and submit it for approval by Amazon. Once approved, your bundle will be listed on Amazon for customers to purchase.

You must have understood how to add a bundle listing on Amazon but before adding the bundle listing you should read the below guidelines so that you will not make any mistakes and comply with Amazon’s bundle listing policy.

Guidelines for Amazon Bundles

Below you will find the general guidelines for creating an Amazon bundle listing,

  • Listing bundles with Video Games as the primary product or Books, Music, Video, or DVD (BMVD) products is not allowed.
  • Secondary BMVD and Video Games items can be included in a bundle if they complement the primary product. For instance, a Playstation Game box bundle can include a game DVD.
  • The referral fee for the entire bundle is based on the primary product category in the bundle.
  • Bundles should contain complementary items that enhance the use of other items or offer convenience to the buyer when purchased together.
  • Bundles are multiple single items sold together as a single offering with unique ASIN/UPC. Pre-packaged kits or packs with a single ASIN/UPC are not considered bundles.
  • A bundle must be listed in a single category, even if it includes products from multiple categories. If the bundle contains products from different categories, it should be listed under the category of the highest priced item, except when the highest priced item is from BMVD or Video Games category. In this case, it should be listed under the category of the second highest-priced item that is not from the BMVD or Video Games category.
  • Avoid adding generic products to a bundle as it can confuse customers into thinking the generic item is from the same brand as the branded products in the bundle. Generic products refer to items without a brand on their packaging or the product itself, not just unknown brands.
  • A bundle can have different branded items, but the bundle itself should be branded according to the highest-priced item in the bundle.
  • Multi-packs like six pairs of socks should be listed as a single product, not as a bundle.
  • Variations of a parent product should be listed within the parent product’s family as a variation, not as a bundle.
  • When matching a bundle to an existing bundle listing, the products must be identical to those in the existing bundle. If the bundle is different in any way, a new listing must be created. The existing listing cannot be changed to fit the new bundle’s specifications.
  • A created bundle cannot have its components modified. If you want to add or remove items, you must either create a new bundle with a unique UPC or match an existing identical bundle.

Warranties and Returns Guidelines for Bundle Listings

There are rules about bundle warranties and returns that should be followed by all Amazon sellers.

  • Listing a product bundle means accepting the whole bundle as a single unit for return and refund.
  • Separate warranty products or extended service plans cannot be included in a bundle.

Bundle Title, Product Details, and Image Guidelines

When you have decided to make a bundle listing on Amazon then you should understand how the title, product details, and images should be on the listing.

  • The length of a bundle title should follow Amazon’s listing policy, which allows a maximum of 200 characters (including spaces) for the title in all U.S. categories.
  • When creating a bundle, include the word “Bundle” and the number of items in the title. For example: “Bundle – 3 items: DSLR Camera, Camera Bag and Memory Card”.
  • For bundles that have many items, include the primary and secondary items in the title along with the total number of items. However, the complete bundle details should be listed in the bullet points.
  • The first bullet point in the bundle’s detail page must state the number of items in the bundle and identify each product in the bundle.
  • In the detail page for your bundle, mention in the description that the product is a bundle and also specify the products in it with proper designators like model number, color, and size.
  • The bundle’s main image must display all products included in the bundle, and not include any excluded items. Images of similar products are not allowed.

Bundle Listing Pricing Guidelines on Amazon

Prices of bundle listing should be according to Amazon policies,

  • Product bundles are often priced lower than the individual items combined, and successful bundles usually offer attractive discounts.
  • A bundle will lose its Featured Offer eligibility if its price becomes higher than the sum of its component prices. It’s the seller’s responsibility to monitor and update the bundle price if the component prices change.

Advertising of Bundle Listing Guidelines on Amazon

Sponsored Brands ads are compatible with bundles, but Sponsored Products ads are not currently compatible with bundles.

Reviews and Ratings of Bundle Listing Guidelines on Amazon

Bundle ASINs have their reviews and ratings, which are distinct from those of the individual component ASINs included in the bundle.

Which Products Are Appropriate for Bundling on Amazon?

As mentioned above in the guidelines all products can be bundled however it is recommended to make sure that the products will complement each other and be bundled in a way that enhances the value proposition for customers. This can include products that are from different categories, brands, or even different sellers.

How to Know Which Products to Bundle on Amazon?

There are various ways to understand which products of yours can be sold in a bundle and this way you will be able to decide on making a bundle list on Amazon. I am going to list out some possible ways to find product synergies.

  • Customer Demand: One of the key things you should consider is the demand for the products you are considering bundling. Do customers tend to purchase these products together frequently? You can use Amazon’s Best Seller Rank, search data, and customer reviews to understand the demand for a particular product.
  • Complementary Products: You can also bundle products that complement each other. For instance, if you are selling a camera, you could bundle it with accessories like lenses, tripods, and bags.
  • Pricing: You should consider the pricing of your bundled products as well. Ensure that the price of the bundle is reasonable and attractive to customers.
  • Shipping costs: Consider the shipping cost for each product and the bundle. Bundling products that are lightweight and can be shipped together will help reduce shipping costs, making the bundle more attractive to customers.
  • Profitability: You should also consider the profitability of bundling products. Will bundling increase your profits or will it eat your margins?
  • Sellers often use “bundle” in their listing titles to offer convenience and potentially satisfying results. To search for bundled products on Amazon, choose your specific category and search for “bundle”.
  • Check Frequently bought together items, most product listings on Amazon have a “Frequently bought together” section that displays additional products purchased by other customers along with the current product.

Benefits of Bundling Products on Amazon

There are several benefits of making a bundle listing on Amazon however you should choose the right products for making a bundle. Possible benefits of bundle listings are as follows,

Increased Sales

By bundling products, you can provide customers with a more comprehensive solution to their needs, resulting in increased sales.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Bundling products can simplify the buying process for customers by providing them with a one stop shop for their needs.

Cost Savings

Bundling products can help customers save money as seller has to keep the offer price low on bundle listing in comparison to the individual items.

Clear Inventory

Bundling can help you move products that are not selling well by pairing them with more popular items which increases the IPI score (Inventory Performance Index)

Competitive Advantage

Bundling products can set you apart from competitors by offering unique and attractive bundles that they may not have.

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