How to Rank Organically on Amazon: A Quick Guide

Rank Organically on Amazon

You must be here to understand how to rank organically on Amazon which will increase your product visibility and certainly sales. I will put forth everything that I did in the past for my client’s listings which improved their CTR and revenue eventually.

How to Rank Organically on Amazon with Optimizing Product Listing?

Complete Information on Main Elements of Amazon Product Listing & its Rules and you need to follow it as it contributes to rank organically on Amazon.

I assume you must have already chosen a profitable product to sell on Amazon and now you just need to get started.

Before setting up Amazon Product listing and rank it organically on Amazon, you need to understand the main elements of listing the product and the rules to consider. Below are the main elements to consider before listing a product on Amazon.

  • Product Title
  • Bullet Points
  • Product Description
  • Product Images
  • Product Video

Optimize Product Title to Rank Organically on Amazon?

Remember on Amazon, product title is the second thing that catches your potential customer’s eyes after the product image. A great product title can convince the customer to click the product page and decide whether to buy it or not.

You need to understand the product title guidelines that Amazon has given,

  • Title should be short and Concise
  • Max 200 characters are allowed for most of the categories.
  • Never use All CAPS in your titles
  • First letter of each letter must be Capital except for prepositions (with, in, or) articles (a, an) and conjunctions (or, for, and)

How do I increase my click through rate on Amazon Title

Low Title Density with high Search volume Primary Keyword, by Brand Name, Secondary Keywords, Main Attributes, Packs/Quantity/Color and other specs, Benefits

Amazon Title Example:

Matte Hair Claw Clips for thick and Thin Hair by XYZ, 12 Multicolor Pack of Banana Hair Clips for Women, 4.3 Inch Nonslip Big hair clamps, Works Best as Hair Styling Accessories for Women and Girls

What are the restrictions on Amazon product titles?

  • Add priority keywords that can naturally be added in the title so that it does not look weird.
  • Add 3-5 keywords or more ranging from high to low SV, TD, short tail and long tail keywords
  • You can also arrange 3-4 keywords in one phrase naturally such as Matte Hair Claw Clips for thick and Thin Hair
  • Use main keywords in first 80 characters of title to optimize it for mobile phone as mobile users can only see first 80 characters of the title on search pages of Amazon
  • Add Brand name into the title in the start to uplift your brand name and add unique selling point of the product
  • Add separators ( “-“ “,” “|”) into the title so it makes sense
  • Do not stuff keywords if it does not make sense
  • Do not repeat keywords more than 2-3 times if possible
  • Do not add any kind of promotional message in the title
  • Do not use symbols like @$#%^~

Amazon Bullet Points Guidelines to Rank Organically on Amazon

After entering to the product page your potential customers will see product bullet points which should provide main points about the product. Amazon has given some guidelines about bullet points which I mentioned below,

  • 5 bullet points can be added to the product list.
  • First letter of each bullet point should be capital
  • Max 500 characters are allowed for most of the categories for each bullet point on Amazon
  • These points should mention all the attributes of the product. (make sure nothing should be in there that is advertising in nature such as discount or free delivery)

Optimize Bullet Points to Rank Organically

Bullet point fields have been given to sellers to fill in the product feature, product benefits, product uses and type of audience and occasions of its use.

Add all the bullet points according to its priority and answer all queries that your potential buyer would have for your product.

Add more keywords in bullet points.

Product Description Guidelines to Rank Organically

Product description is after the bullet points which enhances the product usage via using A+ content and even text description. All sellers should comply with product description guidelines which is as follows,

  • A+ content can be added if your brand is registered with Amazon (That has product pictures, comparison tables, engaging infographics and more)
  • You can write product description as text only if your brand is not registered with Amazon.
  • Max 2000 characters are allowed for most of the categories for product description.
  • Details of product attributes can be mentioned in the product description to make the buyer aware why they should buy the product

How Do you Write an Effective Amazon Product Description

If your brand is not registered on Amazon then you can only add text description into your product listing.

How do I upload an HTML description to Amazon?

Text description will be added in HTML version therefore you need to convert your text to HTML version.

Use the below link to covert description text to HTML

How do I improve my Amazon content?

If your brand is registered on Amazon then Amazon enables you to add EBC description into your product listing. EBC is Enhanced Brand Content that contains enhanced product images.

Enhanced Brand Content Images Type:
  • More features and its Benefits in picture
  • More dimensions of product design in picture
  • Steps to use the product
  • Alternative uses of the product
  • Info graphics, comparison tables and more

EBC descriptions improve and optimize ranks of your product listing.

Product Image Guidelines to Rank Organically on Amazon

Product image is the first thing that your potential customer will notice. Great product images will increase the CTR and eventually improve sellers revenue. Please check Amazon product image guidelines before understanding how to optimize images,

  • You can upload total 9 images on backend of seller central but only 7 images will be visible on the front end
  • Product must fill 85% of the primary image and it should contain on the product no other props, logo, watermark on any other thing
  • Primary image should have a white background and should only contain the product for sale
  • Image requirements are Min Pixels: 500, Max pixels: 1000
  • Accepted Formats are JPEG, TIFF, GIF, and PNG

How do I optimize images for Amazon?

High definition pictures with professional photography enhance the product images and that is mandatory.

1st image: Primary Image should only cover your main product on a white background like below.

2nd image: This should display the close ups of your product.

3rd and 4th image: This should display product design, dimension and features.

 5th and 6th image: This should display lifestyle images that contain the use of the product.

7th image: This can display info graphics of the product or more uses of the product.

Product images are going to convince your customer to make an order therefore make sure your product images are able to display every aspect of your product and clear any reasonable doubts that a customer might have.    

Product Video Guidelines Rank Organically on Amazon

Amazon Product Video enhances the product visibility and adds greater value to the product. You need to understand the Amazon product video guidelines and then I will guide you on how to optimize the video for your product.

  • Video should be 480 Pixels or higher
  • Accepted video formats are .MP4 or .MOV
  • Max size should be under 5 GB
  • Video should not contain any url, social media links, profile, and anything that will direct user away from Amazon
  • Video should be in the same language of the store for example if the store is in German region then video should be in German language
  • Video title max character limit is 60
  • Video can be posted to maximum of 300 ASINS on the same store
  • Video thumbnail can be added that can engage the user

Optimize Amazon Product Video to Improve Visibility:

The process will be similar to product images as well but video will display your product in a better way. Video will improve product and brand awareness.

Try to add the following contents into your product video,

  • Brand name and logo
  • Product close ups
  • Product packaging
  • Unpacking of the product
  • Design, dimensions and features
  • Its uses and benefits
  • Alternative uses

You can also add customer video reviews of the product but try to limit the duration of your video as much as you can.

How to Improve Product Listing on Amazon:

It’s really important to optimize the product listing on Amazon to rank on top keywords, increase sells and compete with the competitors. To optimize Amazon product listing you need to work on all elements mentioned above on the chart. Moreover you need to work especially on listing keywords.

I have given a detailed plan below on how to get relevant keywords for your product with Helium 10. Follow the plan below and learn how you can use helium 10 to harvest the most relevant keywords.

How to use Helium 10 for keyword research?

Before moving forward to setting up the product listing we need to search for the main keywords which we will incorporate into our product listing.

There are various tools to search for keywords but today I am going to use Helium 10 and explain you how you can search for keywords for a specific product.

Let us take an example for a product and then we will proceed to search for its keywords via Helium 10 tool.

Product Example: Hair Clips for women

Region: United States

It is important to know which region to sell in before searching for keywords as every region has different keywords stats.

Top 2 Helium 10 Methods to Research for Keywords of a Product

I use below 2 methods to search for keywords for all the products and this never fails to optimize product listings.


This helium 10 feature enables you to see the insight of your competitors and it gives all the keywords from where your competitors are getting potential customer traffic.


This helium 10 feature enables you to search for a keyword such as “Hair Clip” and this feature will show all the related and relevant keywords.

Keyword Research with Cerebro Tool:

  • Search the keyword on Amazon search bar that you have as in our example it is Hair Clips for women
  • Open the list of all your established competitors with high number of reviews selling the similar Hair Clips for women
  • You will find the Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) of the listing in the URL bar and also mentioned on bottom of the list in Product details.
  • Copy their ASIN and make a list of all ASINs
  • Clicks enter after pasting ASIN of one competitor at once in Cerebro tool and select USA in location.
  • You will now see many filters to use but for now we need to see which keywords are working for our competitors this is why we will only use Organic Rank filter.
  • Organic Rank filter will show us all the keywords from where competitors are getting sales.
  • Input 1 in the minimum field and 10 in the max field.
  • Click on apply filter.
  • Click on search volume column to sort SV from high to low
  • These are relevant keywords according to SV
  • Do this for all the ASINs and export all the keywords in CSV or XLSX format
  • Remember to gather all keywords from all ASINs in one Excel file and remove the duplicates
  • Finally remove all the irrelevant keywords and remove keywords with brand names as you cannot use any brand name in your product listing according to Amazon policy.
  • I collected 6 ASINs and downloaded all the keywords in CSV format
  • Total keywords collected were 1274
  • Remove all the keywords having less than 400 SV so you will have top potential keywords
  • 228 Keywords remained after deleting duplicates and irrelevant keywords
  • Just note that there is a column of Title Density in the file. This title density column tells us the total number of first page results having the keyword in their title
  • If the title density is less on a keyword, then it is easy to rank on that keyword if you use that in your title.

Download the file attached below to check all the keywords that I will use from the above research. I will use them in Product Title, Bullet Points, Description and at the back end of seller central.

Keyword Research with Magnet Tool:

  • Search the keyword Hair Clips for women in Magnet tool.
  • It will show all the keywords related to our main keyword.
  • Click on search volume column to sort SV from high to low
  • Click on export to download all the keywords in CSV or XLSX format

You will have to use your more of your analytical skills to select the relevant keywords and remove all the irrelevant ones.

Otherwise select only top keywords which show similar products like yours on first page after you search it on Amazon search bar.

Use of scribble in Helium 10 to Write Content:

Utilize scribbles tool (Listing Optimizer) of Helium 10 to write product listing content which enables clarity in writing product listings.

  • Upload all the keywords that you have collected from Cerebro or Magnet tool
  • It provides characters limit for each element.
  • Title, Bullet Points and Description
  • It mentions which keywords and individual words have been used in the listing

What is the use of Frankenstein in Helium 10, Process Keywords?

Frankenstein is a keyword processor tool of Helium 10.

This tool helps us in processing back end search terms with its variety of features. To process the back end search terms.

  • Copy all the unused words and keywords from scribbles and paste it on Frankenstein.
  • Click on add only spaces
  • Click on remove duplicates
  • Click on convert to lowercase
  • Finally click on process
  • Back end search terms only allows 250 characters
  • Remove excess keywords such as plural that has already been used in the listing or remove any irrelevant words to reach to 250 characters

Amazon Backend Search Terms:

These are the terms that buyer searches to look for a product. You need to input all relevant keywords that you could not use in your product listings at the back end of seller central and this informs Amazon algorithm to exactly match your product with relevant searchs.


Do not repeat keywords

Do not add competitors name or brand name

Do not add ASINs or symbols

Add only plural if there is a singular word available as well (for example: Clips, Clip)


This blog post has mentioned all the details of product listing elements, Amazon policies, helpful tools and optimization tips to make your product listing stand out in a saturated market. If you follow all the above instructions you can easily write your product listing by yourself and save some money.

If you would have any suggestions or query related to product listing then do not hesitate to comment in the section below.

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