What is Amazon Error Code 5461 and How to resolve it?

What is Amazon Error Code 5461 and How to resolve it-min

I have been seeing Amazon error code 5461 when adding a product on my Amazon Seller Central. After a lot of research I found out how to resolve it. Now I am going to explain to everyone how you can resolve it on your own.

Amazon error code 5461 pops up when you try to list a product on Amazon and it is because of faulty UPC code or simply the UPC code that you are trying to enter has already been used by someone else.

One way is to try another UPC code and add your product otherwise this is the time when you need to test your patience. You have to open a case on Amazon and try to win your UPC code back.

Reasons of Amazon Error Code 5461 Popping up:

Reason 1

If the UPC you are using to list your product has already been on Amazon catalogue.

Reason 2

You have just bought the UPC code and tried listing a product on Amazon.

Reason 3

You have already utilized that UPC code on any other product while listing other products on Amazon.

Solutions of Amazon Error Code 5461

Solution 1

Use another UPC code or buy another UPC code from GS1 if you have and then list your product on Amazon.

Solution 2

After buying the UPC code from GS1, you need to wait for 48 hours at least because GS1 takes minimum 48 hours to set UPC up in GS1 database.

Solution 3

Open a case on Amazon mentioning that these codes have been bought from GS1 and also send them the proofs, list of documents are mentioned below

  • Your UPC certificate received from GS1 when you purchased it
  • Write a UPC statement letter that will include your company’s logo, company name, EIN number and all UPC codes which is unusable due to 5461 error.
  • Attach company certificate and company EIN document


If I conclude my experiences related to Amazon error code 5461, I would suggest if you are in a hurry to list your product then just buy another UPC code and list your product and then fight for your previous UPC code by opening a case on Amazon. If you have more suggestions let us know by commenting below.

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