Why Amazon Canceled My Order Without Telling Me?

amazon canceled my order without telling me

Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce retailers serving millions of customers daily around the globe. I am one of Amazon’s customers who experienced an order cancellation without an explanation then I started my search on why Amazon canceled my order.

I am going to help you understand what I learned from my research so you will not have to do that thorough research.

Amazon Order Cancellation Scenarios

Let us have a look at how Amazon’s order cancellation policy work. Order cancellation can only be initiated by

  1. Amazon
  2. Seller
  3. Customer

Possible Reasons for Amazon Canceled My Order:

Amazon Cancels an order due to the following reasons,

  • Amazon cancels an order because the seller did not confirm shipment within 7 days.
  • Amazon Cancels an order if the buyer has been flagged as fraudulent.
  • Amazon Cancels an order if the payment verification has failed.

The Seller did not Confirm the Shipment

Seller-fulfilled orders are to be confirmed by the sellers within 7 days of the ship-by-date but if the seller does not confirm the order then Amazon cancels the order automatically.

Fraudulent Buyer

Sellers and Buyers have been scamming Amazon since the start. Amazon’s platform is similar to a middleman between Sellers and Buyers and this is Amazon’s responsibility to protect buyers from sellers and vice versa.

If Amazon notices any fraudulent activity by buyers then it automatically cancels the order. Some of the possible fraudulent activities can be “Failed Delivery”, “Replaced Product Refund”, “Credit Card Fraud”, “Product Returns” and many others.

Payment is not Verified

If Amazon receives an order and the payment has not been recognized then Amazon cancels the order automatically.

Possible Reasons Where Seller Canceled the Order:

This only happens in the FBM method where the seller is required to ship the product. Seller cancels an order due to the following reasons,

  • The product is out of stock
  • Pricing or Listing error
  • The seller is not available and forgot to turn on the vacation setting
  • Address is undeliverable
  • The buyer is not responding

The Product is Out of Stock

Sellers are required to ship the product when they choose Fulfillment By Merchant. In this case, the Seller needs to update the available quantity in seller central, and if they forgot to update it then the customer can place an order. When the product is out of stock then the seller has no option except to cancel the order.

Pricing / Listing Error

Sometimes the seller notices an error in pricing or listing after receiving the order from the customer therefore they can not fulfill the order before correcting the price or listing error. The error can be reduced pricing or incorrect listing.

The Seller Forgot to Turn on the Vacation Setting

Sometimes the seller is on holiday and forgot to turn on the vacation setting therefore seller-fulfilled listings are active and can receive orders. Due to this orders are automatically canceled.

Undeliverable Address

Seller ships the product from their own partnered courier and when orders can not be fulfilled to that specific address then the seller cancels the order.

Unresponsive Buyer

There are many occasions where buyers need to respond to the seller with the correct address, phone number, or any other specifics and if the buyer is unresponsive then the seller cancels the order.

Finally, the customer can cancel the order for any reason and that can be anything.

Now you understand the cancellation scenarios and know why and who can initiate the order cancellation process. It’s time to look at how the refund process works after an order is canceled.

If Amazon Cancelled My Order Will I be Refunded?

Amazon has built a great rapport with sellers and customers through its quality services. Amazon has strict policies in place when it comes to returns and refunds. Buyers receive refunds from Amazon and this is why they do not hesitate while shopping and paying in advance.

Let us have a look at how this refund policy works. There are different types of refunds and are mentioned below

Direct Refund

Amazon starts the refund process automatically when a customer places an order and cancels the order within 30 minutes.

Standard Refund

The seller refund the money to the customer as soon as they receive the product back.

Returnless Refund

When the seller is at fault for any specific reason whether listing issue, slightly damaged product or anything then they refund the money to the customer and ask him to keep the product.

Refund Initiated after Return Drop off by Customer

A refund process is initiated after Amazon’s team scans the product when the customer drops off the return at a designated carrier location  

When will Amazon Refund My Cancelled Order?

Amazon will refund the whole purchase price to the customer within 3 to 30 days. It solely depends on the scenario and the bank used by the customer.

A refund will be initiated automatically soon after the cancellation if the order has not been shipped.

If the customer has canceled the order then they have to ensure that they have canceled the order.  Follow the below process to cancel the order.

  1. Access Amazon account
  2. Click on Returns & Orders in the top right corner
  3. Click the order that you wish to cancel in “Not Yet Shipped” because if the order has been shipped then the customer has to return the product and then the refund process will start
  4. Cancel the item
  5. Then check in the “Cancelled Orders” tab if the item is appearing in that section.

My Amazon Order was Cancelled but I Still got Charged

You will get charged when you place the order on Amazon but this is only for a temporary period. After you cancel the order, money will be back in your account within 3 to 30 days depending on the scenario and bank you used for the purchase.

Do Amazon Charge for Cancelling Orders

The majority of the customers who shop from other e-commerce stores get charged minimum fees for canceling an order but on Amazon, there is no deduction. The buyer will receive the full amount by default.

There are some different scenarios in which the seller will refund a full amount, a partial amount, or issue a concession.

How Does Order Cancellation Impact the Seller Account?

Amazon’s policy requires the seller to maintain an order cancellation rate under 2.5% in 7 day time period to keep selling on Amazon. If this rate goes above that then Amazon can deactivate the seller-fulfilled offers.

Different types of order cancellation can impact the seller’s account,

If the buyer submitted an order cancellation through the proper channel and Amazon automatically cancels the order due to fraudulent or payment verification then the seller’s account will not get any impact.

On the other hand, if there is any negligence on the seller’s side then the account will get a negative impact.


We have learned from this blog post how does order cancellation work and why sometimes Amazon cancels order automatically. You know now that you will get the refund of your canceled order and when will you get it.

If you will have any other queries related to order cancelation or refund you can comment below and let us know.

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