Why Does My Amazon Order Says Approval Needed?

What does Amazon approval needed mean

Amazon has got policies put in place to safeguard customers and sellers this is why it has got the trust of all. Sellers and customers receive a message which states “Approval Needed” on many occasions for various reasons we will discuss below.

Amazon says “Approval is Required” from sellers and customers, following are the reason why Amazon requires approval,

Why Does My Amazon Order Says Approval Needed?

When a customer places an order on Amazon then it notifies him that “Amazon Order Approval Needed” for the following reasons,

  • The customer placed a preorder
  • The customer is shopping as a business customer
  • Due to the Customer’s purchase history (Refunds, Chargebacks)
  • Due to the Wrong address
  • Due to a Credit card issue
  • The customer used a foreign card

1. The Customer Placed a Preorder

Mostly Amazon asks for approval when the customer has placed a preorder on one of the items on Amazon.

Amazon does not charge a customer for preorders therefore Amazon asks for approval before charging a customer when the item is available to purchase.

This process plays a significant role as in this way, the customer has a chance to rethink and confirm before Amazon charges the customer and ships the product.


Customers have to log in to their Amazon account and approve the order

2. The Customer is Shopping as a Business Customer

Amazon has individual customer accounts and business customer accounts. Amazon allows business customers to add individual users from different departments to the account who can shop for business.

A business customer can select a user to be an admin who approves all the purchases before Amazon charges the customer.

This process plays a very significant role as in this way, the admin has the authority to check and verify the purchase according to business policies.

Business admins have a lot of control over the account as they can set different limits on the amount of purchase, categories to purchase, and much more.


Business account admin has to log in to their Amazon account and approve the orders.

3. Due to the Customer’s purchase history (Refunds, Chargebacks)

Sometimes a customer has a track record of refunds and chargebacks in the past which badly impacts Amazon’s resources therefore Amazon’s algorithm set itself to get approval from the customer before proceeding to ship the order.


Customers have to log in to their Amazon account and approve the order

4. Due to the Wrong Address

Sometimes you have mentioned the wrong address such as incorrect spelling,  shipping and billing address not matching, ordering for a friend or family member in another region or country, etc

This is a check from Amazon to eliminate mistakes for delivering the order to the wrong address.


Customers have to log in to their Amazon account and approve the order which confirms the address.

5. Due to a Credit Card Issue

Amazon will not process your order if the credit card is expired or near expiry. Due to this Amazon asks the customer to approve the order by changing the payment method.

This is a check from Amazon to eliminate the risk of payment getting refunded by the credit card bank.


Customer needs to log in to their Amazon account and add a new credit card for payment.

6. The Customer Used a Foreign Card

When you are using a foreign card to purchase an item from Amazon then Amazon asks the customer to use a local card as it does not accept foreign cards.

Amazon has a policy in place to not accept foreign cards as that makes it complex for business transactions.


Customer needs to log in to their Amazon account and add a credit card or debit card that is from a local bank.

Amazon Request Approval to Sell

Amazon is a huge retail company and sells a variety of products under several categories but all sellers are not able to sell everything. This seller approval is a check to ensure the customer shopping experience remains high quality. This way Amazon makes sure the customer will receive authentic products.

Sellers require Amazon approval to sell for the following,

  • Restricted Categories
  • Restricted Products
  • Restricted conditions of some products
  • Brand approvals

Restricted Categories On Amazon for Sellers

Seller needs Amazon Approval for several categories and some of the categories are listed below,

  • Automotive
  • Baby Feeding
  • Baby Activity Gear
  • Baby Strollers and Carriers
  • Candles & Aroma Therapy
  • Feminine Hygiene
  • Home Environment Electronics
  • Medical supplies & Equipment
  • Pet supplies
  • Pet Care
  • Pet Food
  • Power Tools
  • Sports & Nutrition
  • Wireless Accessories

Restricted Products On Amazon for Sellers

The seller needs Amazon Approval for several products as well and some of the products are listed below,

  • Alcohol
  • Animals & Animal-Related Products
  • Cosmetics & Skin/Hair Care
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Drugs & drug paraphernalia
  • Weapons and Related Items
  • Food and Beverage
  • Hazardous and Dangerous Items
  • Human Parts & Burial Artifacts
  • Pesticides and Pesticide Devices
  • Plant and Seed Products
  • Tobacco & Tobacco-Related Products

Restricted Conditions of Some Products

Amazon allows sellers to sell products in various type of item conditions that has some slight differences. Conditions types examples are “New, Open_Box”, “Used – Like New”, “Used – Very Good”, “Used – Good”, and “Used – Acceptable”.

Amazon has put condition restrictions on some of the categories for used item sales. Some of the products are,

  • Baby Products
  • Beauty, Clothing, Accessories & Luggage
  • Grocery & Gourmet Food
  • Health & Personal Care

Brand Approvals

When sellers try to sell a brand’s product then Amazon asks the seller to provide a brand approval letter from which Amazon verifies that the Brand has given the reseller rights to the specific seller. Other than this approval Amazon does not allow the seller to sell those products.

How to Sort Approval Needed on Amazon (Customers)

This feature of Amazon provides security to customers however sometimes the customer does not require this type of security and is hard to manage them. If you want to sort this issue once for some regular approvals then do the following,

When buying a product on Amazon, you need to go into details and check “Approved by customer” to “Not approved”. Save the changes and you will not be irritated by regular approval requirements

How to Get Amazon Approval (Sellers)

If the seller is trying to get amazon approval for an existing product that has been listed already in Amazon’s catalog then follow the instructions below,

  • Search for the item in Amazon’s catalog
  • Click on the limitation link that is displayed right beside the product you have searched for
  • Click the Apply to sell button to begin the application process

If the seller is trying to add a new product on Amazon then click on add a product. Choose the category for the product and click on the “listing limitation”.

Click on “Apply to Sell” to request approval for the product. Different categories have different processes to request approval from Amazon.

What to do When There is no “Apply to Sell” Button for the Product?

Amazon removes the “Apply to Sell” button when Amazon is not accepting applications for a specific category. For this, the seller needs to revisit the category later in the future to check if the application button is available.


This approval requirement is often needed for sellers and not for customers.

Only business customers are required to approve the orders to secure their money as several users are using a business account.

If you require any further information regarding “Approval Requirements” then comment below and let us know.  

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