Decoding Amazon’s Product Dimensions: How are they Listed and Why it Matters

How Are Product Dimensions Listed on Amazon

In this blog post, we will discuss the product dimensions importance and how are product dimensions listed on Amazon.

Product dimensions of a product are one of the main information in the product description that the buyer, shipper, storage provider, and even the seller have concerns about. Amazon has also put immense importance on this information.

How Are Product Dimensions Listed on Amazon (its Importance)

The major cons of online shopping are that you cannot touch and feel the product. Even though huge online retailers like Amazon managed to make the online shopping experience as transparent as they could but touch and feel gap cannot be filled. 

To fill this gap a little Amazon has made sure that the seller will provide all of the important information about the product on the detail page. The main information about the product includes the Product Name, Material used, Color, Size, and all other extra features.

Product Name creates an image in the buyer’s mind such as “Cricket Bat”

Material Name tells the buyer how it feels like such as “Wood”

Color Name tells the buyer how it looks like such as “Brown”

The size and Dimension of the product tell the buyers how big or small the product is such as ‎34.4L x 5.6W x 3.2H inches”

Amazon asks the seller to add images and videos of the product on the detail page to enable the buyer to understand what they will receive when they order.

How to Write Amazon Product Dimensions?

Product dimensions are written in the form of a formula that has been widely used in every e-commerce platform.

The standard formula of Product Dimension is Length x Width x Height.

The unit of measure used on Amazon is Inches mainly

So the correct way to write the dimensions on the Amazon detail page is “24L x 10W x 5H inches”. Also, mention the unit of measure in words that are in inches.

Examples are given below,

Product Dimension vs Package Dimension vs Case Dimension

There are different types of dimensions related to the product required from Amazon sellers. It is important to understand the difference between the three dimensions which is required from Amazon sellers.

Product Dimensions:

Product Dimensions are the size of every side of the product without the packaging.An example of a product dimension is given below,

Who Needs to View Product Dimension?

The customer needs to view the product dimension to understand the size of the product and decides to order if it satisfies the requirement of the buyer.

Where can you see the Product Dimension?

Amazon requires the seller to input product dimensions detail on the detail page as the buyer needs to view the product dimensions.

You can see the product dimensions in different locations on the detail page. Examples are given below,

Dimensions do not need to be available on all 4 portions on the detail page for every product but still, the buyer can view the product dimensions in one of the portions.

Package Dimensions:

Package dimensions are the box dimension in which the product is kept inside for protection while delivering so it does not get damaged.

Who Needs to View Package Dimension?

Amazon needs package dimensions to calculate the delivery fee, particularly for FBA sellers.  Amazon team calculates the package dimensions before delivery.

Where can you see the Package Dimension?

Amazon views the package dimension in the back end of seller central where the seller fills the package dimensions. The seller can also view the package dimensions calculated by Amazon before delivery from the FBA calculator. Both are given below,

How to Ask Amazon to Scan and Correct Package Dimension?

Sometimes incorrect package dimension results in increased FBA fees therefore the sellers have to request Amazon to recheck and rectify the dimensions. Amazon takes a maximum of 20 requests for remeasurement a month.

Requesting Amazon for the remeasurement of package dimensions is very simple. Follow the instructions below to request remeasurement,

  • Click on Help in the top right corner when you are on Amazon Seller Central
  • Click get support at the bottom
  • Click on “Or, browse for your issue in the menu”
  • Click on “Fulfillment By Amazon”
  • Click on “Investigate Other FBA Issues”
  • Enter the ASIN
  • Finally, choose “Request product re-measurement or order fees reimbursement”

Case Dimensions:

This is the whole carton dimension in which product boxes are placed before shipment from the manufacturer. In this case, multiple quantities of the product are packed.

Who Needs to View Case Dimension?

Shipping courier requires the case dimensions as they need to calculate the fees for a case shipment. An example of a case pack is given below,

Where can you see the Case Dimension?

Case dimensions are available while you create a shipment. When creating the shipment seller requires to fill in the case dimension on Amazon.

What Do Amazon’s Product Dimensions Include?

Amazon product dimension contains the length of the longer side, the width of the shorter side, and the height of the product.

The formula is Length x Width x Height.

Where to Fill Out Product Dimension Information

The seller needs to fill in the product dimensions on the detail page. It is better to put the dimension on the Title and Bullet Points but it is mandatory to input dimension at the vital information.

How to Make Sure that the Product Dimensions are Measured Correctly?

It is important to make sure that the product dimensions are measured correctly. Normally the seller is not the manufacturer itself. Most of the manufacturers are based in China because of their economies of scale (they have low-cost production).

This is why product dimensions are under third-party control. To confirm that product dimensions are correct. The seller can ask for a sample from the manufacturer and remeasure.

Sellers can order one unit from their own Amazon detail page and remeasure. Sellers can use inspection services as well before the stock is shipped to the Amazon fulfillment center.   


From reading the above information you can clearly understand the importance of Product dimensions and how are product dimensions listed on Amazon.

We have discussed the difference between different dimensions such as product dimension, package dimensions, and case dimension and their uses.

If you would have queries regarding product dimensions then let us know in the comment section below.

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